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„DIAMOND MINERALIZED WATER is pure luxury without the need to travel far. It's exclusive taste is the perfect choice for sustainable living, demanding no compromises. No long transportation, just unique mineralization – that’s DIAMOND MINERALIZED WATER.“


Armin Schönenberger
Water ambassador and certified water sommelier

„DIAMOND MINERALIZED WATER is a surprisingly elevated drinking pleasure, thanks to its well-balanced and rounded taste - voluminous, yet  not lush. An affordable luxury, offering a distinctive experience that enhances the joy of drinking."

Florian Rossegger

Chef Sommelier Schloss Fuschl

DIAMOND MINERALIZED WATER is truly an extraordinary and fascinating water. It’s an exceptional sensory experience – smooth, velvety, with an opulent and full-bodied taste."


Michael Obermüller
Wasser Sommelier, Tourismusschule Klessheim

„DIAMOND MINERALIZED WATER. Rich in essential minerals – silicate and magnesium – which contribute to a balanced lifestyle. A choice to experience the purity and brilliance of drinking water. When water tingles the palate even if the sparkling variant is not chosen."


Alexandra Pöllmann
Nutrition Expert